Happy New Month.

May is upon us and thats means we will be celebrating Africa all month. African Day is on the 25th of May and I will be sharing African related content on the blog all month. Why? I am Malawian born and bred and want to celebrate my motherland by sharing content that brings back my childhood memories, celebrates the continent’s culture particularly Malawi and most importantly building more awareness on fashion, food and art.

In a nutshell. African Day celebrates the foundation of what is now the African Union formerly known as the Organisation of the African Union which was created on 25 May in 1963. Its founding principles were based on riding the continent of colonial rule but have now shifted towards unity, security and economic development.

Whether you are African or not, I hope you enjoy the content that’s to come. Follow the blog on the FOLLOW tab on your right hand-side to stay tuned.

For me Africa means a lot of things, but in a few pictures see below.

Beautiful faces that will Warm your Heart