If you live in a cold climate, a great coat is a worthy investment because whether you like it or not, winter will always be around the corner. And end January sales are perfect to snap a classic and stylish coat for less. This is the time for those further reductions – so yes ladies don’t let those extra 20% off sales pass you by.


In this blog, am sharing with you 5 must-have winter coats. If you do not have one or two of these, don’t worry, I have done the homework for you by linking some amazing pieces that are currently on sale below (#affiliate links).

1. Longline Coats

Longline coats are a fashion staple and timeless. They can be worn casually or smart. In a nutshell, very adaptable to any outfit. It is also gender neutral if you a style enthusiast. If in doubt, go for neutral colours.

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2. Fur Coats

It’s cold outside and you want to look and feel luxurious, no other coat will give you this better than a fur coat. It warm, its like wearing a huge fluffy bear. Fur is always in, you don’t have to hear it from me. Classic movies is all the evidence you need to convince you that fur coats are timeless.

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3. Trench Coats

Undisputed timeless piece. It does not necessarily have to fall under the traditional Burberry trench unless your budget permits. The options I have linked in the pictures on the left will definitely make a great addition to your wardrobe. If you are going to a warmer options, go for the wool trench coats.

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4. Parka Coats

Perfect for casual looks, errands and walks but styling. Parka coats will definitely keep in the warmth. Most of them are designed with two layers so they can be worn 2 different ways or lighter when it gets too warm. Worth the investment.

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5. Puffer Coats

If you are going for maximum warmth. Puffer coats are intended to keep the cold air out. I personally am not a huge fan of this puffer jackets I feel like it weighs on me, takes up too much space but am always happy to wear my husbands jacket when it freezing outside.

Nonetheless, they have been very much in for a long time and are bold.

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Whats’s your favourite winter coats?